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What we are doing for our clients and what we ask of our clients:

Dear Clients,

MindBodyBeauty Aesthetics, Happy to announce that re-opening plan is underway and hopeful to welcoming you back. In the mean time, I will like to share the additional safety measures in place to keep Clients and Aesthetician safe during re-opening.

-All Clients will be screened prior to arrival over the phone for COVID-19 symptoms; who had travelled or interacted with someone who had travelled within the last 14 days will be asked to Stay Home

-Alcohol-based (70%) hand sanitizer will be provided to clients at entry and exit

-Clients are asked to keep mask on during consultation

- FDA Non-contact medical thermometer is available to measure temperature

- Air Sanitizer in the office to clean the air through out the day

-Not all clients will be able to tolerate a mask and will not be denied service, other measures are put in place

-Please bring a bag where you can deposit all your belongings and keep them safe

-Client is being asked to fill out a Safe Visit Protocol Questionnaire prior to treatment

-Single-use mask, face shield, gloves, washcloths, machine tips, spatulas etc. will be used for each treatment

-Treating client one on one (guests are not allowed in the office at this time)

-Limited number of Clients per day for additional cleaning and disinfecting

-Frequent cleaning with authorized disinfectants of high-touch surfaces, machines and products before and after each client

-Tap features available at checkout instead of cash

-Aesthetician is being screened on a daily basis before work

-Installed signage to remind everyone of the new safety standards

-In preparation for the returning of clients, additional safety and wellness tips will be posted on our social media and website to maintain a sense of community and togetherness

Thank you for all your support.

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